Kerri Einarson wins 2020 Canadian women’s curling championship


Tour Challenge Grand Slam Event Record: 5 Wins - 2 Losses

Round Robin

Draw 4 vs. Chelsea Carey (AB)                 WON 6-3

Draw 7 vs. Tracy Fleury (MB)                   LOST 4-2

Draw 10 vs. Nina Roth (USA)                    LOST 7-6

Draw 12 vs. Isabella Wrana (Sweden)    WON 7-4


Tiebreaker vs. Robyn Silvernagle (SK)                     WON 6-3

Quarter Final vs. Silvana Tirinzoni (Switzerland)   WON 6-5

Semi Final vs. Satsuki Fujisawa (Japan)                   WON 7-4

Final vs. Anna Hasselborg (Sweden)                        LOST 8-5

Canad Inns Classic Semi Finalists Event Record: 5 Wins - 2 Losses


Draw 1 vs. Mackenzie Zacharias (MB)   WON 6-3

Draw 3 vs. Laura Walker (AB)   LOST 7-2

Draw 5 vs. Min Ji Kim (Korea)   WON 4-3

Draw 7 vs. Sherry Anderson (SK)   WON 6-2

Draw 9 vs. Daniela Jentsch (Germany)   WON 6-2


Quarter Final vs. Tracy Fleury (MB)   WON 8-3

Semi Final vs. Rachel Homan (ON)   LOST 6-5

Masters Grand Slam Quarter Finalists Event Record: 2 Wins - 3 Losses

Round Robin

Draw 3 vs. Kelsey Rocque (AB)   WON 9-3

Draw 5 vs. Robyn Silvernagle (SK)   LOST 7-4

Draw 9 vs. Casey Scheidegger (AB)   WON 7-3

Draw 11 vs. Silvana Tirinzoni (Switzerland)   LOST 5-4


Quarter Final vs. Anna Hasselborg (Sweden)   LOST 7-1

Event Record: 7 Wins - 0 Losses


Draw 1 vs. Jessica Wytrychowski (AB)    WON 9-0

Draw 3 vs. Laura Walker (AB)    WON 5-3

Draw 5 vs. Eve Muirhead (Scotland)   WON 8-3

Draw 7 vs. Tracy Fleury (MB)   WON 7-5


Quarter Final vs. EunJung Kim (Korea)   WON 5-4

Semi Final vs. Satsuki Fujisawa (Japan)   WON 7-5

Final vs. Casey Scheidegger (AB)   WON 7-0

Event Record: 8 Wins - 0 Losses

Round Robin

Draw 2 vs. Melissa Pierce (AB)   WON 12-4

Draw 4 vs. Madison Bear (USA)  WON 7-1

Draw 5 vs. Kayla Skrlik (AB)       WON 8-2

Draw 7 vs. Beth Peterson (MB)   WON 8-3

Draw 10 vs. Laura Walker (AB)   WON 7-2


Quarter Final vs. Robyn Silvernagle (SK)  WON 6-5

Semi Final vs. Satsuki Fujisawa (JPN)       WON 8-3

Final vs. Chelsea Carey (AB)                     WON 7-2

After battling some diversity in our season, we are beyond happy and proud to call ourselves Player's Champions! This is Kerri's 2nd Slam title, Val's 4th, and both Shannon and Briane's 1st!

It was our toughest event yet! After defeating some very talented teams in the process we managed to come out with the win this weekend! We’re very excited to be Autumn Gold Champs!

We had a great weekend in Winnipeg going undefeated through the event and taking home the trophy! Can’t wait for the next event - Autumn Gold Curling Classic in Calgary!”

We are Morris Sun Spiel Champs!


We are Morris Sun Spiel Champs! But better yet we have secured our spot in the Manitoba Scottie's Provincial Championships being held in Gimli January 22-27. We can't wait to hear the roar of our home crowd!

Team Kerri Einarson Wins The 2018 Stu Sells Oakville Tankard!

Back home to real life today, but we’re still riding the high of our big win at the 2018  Stu Sells Oakville Tankard ! Thank you again to Stu Sells Team and the Oakville Curling Club for putting on such a great event and to our competitors for keeping us on our toes all weekend. We had such a blast!


July 4, 2018It will be a star-studded field that takes to the ice this December for the 2018 Home Hardware Canada Cup at Affinity Place in Estevan, Sask.

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